What to Expect

 Upon admission into the Hope House, you and your items will be searched. We encourage that cell phones, important items be held by a family member.  

  We do our best to accommodate the needs of our participants. Nicotine, prescription drugs, alcohol and weapons are not permitted at any time. No acts of violence or threat of violence allowed. Participants are encouraged to be courteous and kind one to another. 

  Participants are at Hope House on their own free will (voluntary). They can leave at any time if they choose to do so. Hope House is a place of assistance not a residence. Participant can also be instructed to vacate at any time if deemed necessary. We maintain a peaceful environment for safety, stability, and growth.

  At Hope House, we believe in Honesty. We are responsible adults who are accountable for our choices. We teach participants to walk in a relationship with Jesus Christ and be transparent. We believe from these actions they can experience the freedom that comes through reconciliation and restoration.

 We encourage family support by education "How to love an Addict" is class we offer. This class will educate a family how to grow together in restoration process. We are a wrap around ministry teaching families how to grow and maintain a healthy relationship together. We are encouraged by the testimonies of the families who have experienced the restoration power of our Lord. We are humbled to be in His service."Jesus is the Answer"